TMO Raiding Anguish

Anguish Event: Keldovan the Harrier
  • He hits for ~5500; Flurries; and casts these spells:
  • Packmaster's Curse NPC Hatelist 300', Chromatic (-350) -- Typically we have a knight Remove Curse 1: Decrease Spell Damage by 20%
    2: Decrease HP when cast by 800
    3: Set Healing Effectiveness to -80%
    4: Decrease AC by 180
    5: Increase Curse Counter by 16
    6: Decrease Hitpoints by 100 per tick
    7: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
  • Torment of Body NPC Hatelist 0', Prismatic (-375)
    1: Decrease HP when cast by 3000
    2: Decrease Hitpoints by 300 per tick
    3: Decrease Accuracy by 25%
    4: Decrease Effective Casting Level by 100
    5: Increase Curse Counter by 24
  • Touch of Anguish NPC Hatelist 0', Cold (-475)
    1: Decrease Spell Damage by 30%
    2: Decrease Movement by 90%
    3: Decrease All Skills Damage Modifier by 30%
    5: Increase Poison Counter by 30
    6: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
  • Upon aggro, he spawns chimeras and ferans in the four "pits" in the main room. Kill these to decrease Keldovan's power, and keep killing them to keep his power down throughout the encounter. You need only kill mobs in one of the pits. You can ignore the other three.
  • 5 Total Kills needed in the Pit until he is fully debuffable/attackable, here is the order through the kills
  • Keldovan the Harrier reels in pain as his protection from magic wavers.
    Keldovan the Harrier howls as his protection from slow dwindles.
    Keldovan the Harrier appears less able to sense those around him.
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